A New Sunset

It was getting on for 4 yesterday when I sudenly told myself to get up and get out of Southampton. I'd been at home most of the weekend, reasonably productive, but not particulary uplifting nor inspiring. I'd also been gaining ground with God but needed to feel inspired about the life that is in order to feel excited about the life to come.

So I packed my camera bag, got on my bike and headed off to Fair Oak, which is just North of Soton, to the East of the airport, just on the OL map of the area and showing a little wood to have a walk in. I arrived just as sunset begun to glow in the sky and was quite surprised as I'd not expected to see anything much. I was greaful and so fired off a few shots with some interesting effects.

It was really encouraging to be outside and in view of fields and trees and life! It was also important to observe sunset at the new earlier time, to come to terms with it's change (or our change as I'm making myself aware) and so not feel that there is a sudden, unexpected darkness that's decended over the Earth. There are still day times, just a little shorter now.

sunset over a distant forest

streaky traffic on the M27

motorway lights