iPhoto is Crap, Long Live Picasa

One of the reasons behind getting my Mac was for my digital photos. I was told that iPhoto was the way to organise and view my photos and that Google's Picasa had been based on iPhoto, meaning it must be good.

Sadly Picasa trumps iPhoto on pretty much every count, bar the touch-up feature and sharpen slider that Picasa doesn't have. But frankly these sacrafices are little compared to the anoyances faced with iPhoto.

It simply doesn't handle the job anyway near as well as Picasa. For a start when you order your photos chronologically, the last photo of each folder is presented first. Which means you scroll backwards from the end of the shoot to the beggining (or elsewise you have to have the most recent photo set at the bottom of the window). 

But most anoying is the fact that any tweak you make actually alters the file rather than a layer like in Picasa. A backup of the original is made which means a doubling of the disk space used, great.

So dear Google, can you please give us a mac version of Picasa, we need it.

desprinisity - the level of someones desperateness.