SCM Bonfire Night 2006

What a Wednesday evening this was. The biggest I've ever built, lovely company and completely no injuries or major calamities. Here is a brief pictorial overview of the evening. If you missed out then make sure you're here next year for another bonfire. I'd also like to add a brief apology to those with whom I didn't get to chat with (including my housemates), I'm afraid I tend to stick with the fire to prevent any problems arising making me less sociable.

The beggining. A big bonfire (including two tree stumps and a large number of pallets) built to withstang me jumping on top of it repeatedly - four years of engineering did pay off then.

The SCM gathering looking expectantly during the slightly problematic initial stages.

Finally lit and begging tp take off.

As the flames worked through the linearly designed construction the place hotted up big time.

We continued to keep the shed and fence well watered to prevent any unwanted combustion. (James is not trying to put out the fire in this shot)

I inadvertently got sprayed which helped cool off my nipples which got surprisingly hot as I tended the blaze

The braced construction collapsed in upon itslef beautifully within the hour I expected it to take.

As the flames grew the SCMers retreated across the garden, then closed back in as it died down.

A close in shot of the burning pallets

More tending. I've probably had about 18 years doing this.

The customary religeous sacrafice.

In our case a greater than lifesize Mel Gibson.

Finally, with the people gone and the embers piled, the fire is left to finish off in safety
(though it will be hot for at least two days).