I love . Not only do you get this beautiful dark material to spread into your garden which helps your flowers grow, but it does it all by itself. By adding veg at the top, comes out magically at the bottom - awesome!

What's more, I find that having a compost bucket makes throwing away stuff less painful. I'm always sad when a bannana or satsuama goes off in the fruit bowl. I feel I've let it down, not made the most of that fruit. But with a compost all is well as I know that that piece of fruit will eventually go to make my garden grow. Perfect.

Another nice feature is that composting is a little like art. By adding rare and exotic items to the bucket you're adding to the taperstry of the compost produced. Sure a leaf from a Tuscan sunflower you picked while on holiday might seem insignificant, but when your spreadding the compost over the garden next spring you can remember that leaf, and that holiday. It's like a gift that keeps on giving.

Our compost bucket in southampton full of lovely stuff :)