3:42 - Time for Coffee and Soup

Work is going well this evening. Time still seems to be pottering by at a rate, but I'm getting words down onto paper. I've only had an hours sleep in the past 43 hours, which is kind of strange. I can feel the stress in my brain, and tension in my neck but I'm not really that tired. I remember the last time I did this in my fourth year GDP project - on the third day my body gave up being tired and simply started aching instead.

I've certainly noticed my mood change. While I'm still quite jovial and bright, my general background mood is much more depressed than yesterday evening. I'm still happy to bound up the corridor (still can only make it in 13 leaps) but somehow my hope and excitement for tomorrow is faded. It's almost as if the future has been closed off and I'm left here now, mostly content, but somewhat suspicious about tomorrow.

As my brother used to tag: "the light at the end of the tunnel has now been switched off".

Pint of coffee and a miso soup

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