Landed in the Capital

Sitting in my 8th floor State Plaza Hotel room in downtown Washington DC things are pretty good. I flew in this afternoon from London Heathrow with United Airlines flight 919 on a Boeing 777. A very acceptable flight - my first time in a triple 7, I was staggered by the sense of space. Spiderman 3 was on the playlist which I'd not seen (and missed the middle as I nodded off) and my vegetarian meal was superb: a truly good curry.

ToP Advice: when booking a flight with meal options go for 'Indian Vegetarian'. For a start the veggie meals are better, having been specially prepared, but this was the best I've tasted. There was rice with two dishes - one aloo dahl and the other a vegetable curry. There was also a little naan bread, but not the highlight.

Our flight landed an hour early, so we made it to the hotel in good time. After a little rest and a great shower (which has a blissful 'massage' setting) John and I headed out to a diner for a burger + chips dinner. A good meal with nice veggie burger, but I was staggered by the salt content - they weren't even trying to hide the saltiness.

A little wonder round the streets and chatting to a few passers by and we were back at the hotel. Tomorrow I'm going to head to Mount Vernon Methodist Church to say hello to some of the friends I made when I was here back in March. But perhaps I might squeeze in another shower before bed...

Chilling in my hotel room

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