Gathering Hazel Nuts

After dropping François off at Heathrow I though I'd take a little break on the way home when I saw brown signs to some country park. Of course only when I reached the entrance did I find that the park is only open from March to October, but I parked up never the less and went for a wonder where I could.

While kicking my way through the leaf litter up an avenue of trees I noticed something hidden in the leaves. Closer inspection revealed a beautiful golden hazel nut. On crouching down and a little rifling through the leaves I came across more, loads in fact. So I filled a pocket and went on my way most enlightened by being a little more in touch with my Mesolithic ancestors.

Now how to cook the...

One of the Hazel trees with nuts scattered around

Hazel nuts galore!

Animal scratch marks on a trunk

After a soaking and a little lightening, the cloud passed.

And up sprang a brilliant rainbow

[Photos shot on my Motorola SLVR - not a top camera phone as you can tell]
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