My Suggestion Email to Picasa

I've just though of a funky suggestion for Picasa that I think you might like. I've been thinking about this feature for a while but have just realised how to achieve it. I realised this from using iPhoto which has the feature to select multiple photos and view them side by side. Naturally, being iPhoto (which is a pile of poo compared to Picasa - I can't tell you how lost I am without Picasa on my mac and how desperate I am for you to make it mac compatible) the feature is wildly underused - there is simply no point made of this feature in iPhoto other than to go 'hmm, I prefer that one'.

So my suggestion for Picasa... Now I'd like to suggest that by reading my following suggestion you agree to make Picasa for Mac (please please please), but I doubt I can get away with . So here it is anyway:

Have a comparison feature... but for the same image - "ahhhhh" you exclaim, followed by "eah?". Right. So it's all very well to have a comparison feature for two or more shots - I frequently take more than one of the same scene and like to flick back and forth to see which I like best, thus displaying two shots together might help with this. But what I've always wanted to do in Picasa is to take the same photograph down two different avenues and then compare them. You have the lovely abilty to undo different layers (which stupid iPhoto doesn't have), but if you add some cunning layer path (which would show the order of the layers that you've added, like a layer history :) ) you can easily switch between different stages of your tweaking. Then, however, the even more cunning aspect would be to include the function to add a split in the history giving the ability to take the same photo down different paths and then compare them. How cool would that be? :)

Hope you like it!

Nick Bailey
22 December 2006

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