I Hate iPhoto - my latest feedback complaint

Bollocks to iPhoto.

Yet another problem with your shit code. iPhoto won't let me import a folder that is presently in the Library folder. You might think this a strange request (by the look of your code you evidently don't think much about those who might want to actually use your program). Owing to the fact that I can't import shots from my camera into more than one folder at once (you fools), I've had to import all the photos from two days into one Library folder. So naturally I want to split this folder into two.

Can I do this in the iPhoto library window? No. Of course not! That would be far to useful.

So I pop along to the Library folder in Pictures and manually split the folder in two. So now back in iPhoto what do I see? Can you guess? Why look - there is the old 'roll' with both days of photos in - but I've removed that folder so where are these images been taken from? Who knows. I doubt you could rub any brain cells together and find out, but we all live in hope.

Come on people? Is Apple, the makers of OSX (quite a nice bit of software) really employing a bunch of monkeys at typewriters like your selves.

You need people like me to beta test your software and point out these blatant shortfalls in the code.

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