Just For My Records

As Apple never respond to any feedback I send, nor do they copy the feedback form to my address I'll post it here for future records.

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In the next OS version you need to include something that provides the user with some feedback as to whether or not the battery calibration sequence has been performed correctly.

I've had my MBP a few months and have tried a number of times to calibrate the battery (not because I was getting erroneous readings, but just in case). I tried again last night, leaving it over night after the battery ran out and it went into hibernation. When I came down this morning the glowing led had gone out so I juiced her back up to full (green). When I then booted the screen came up initially greyed out with a progress bar. Could this be the calibration conformation?

Ideally I'd like to inform my MBP that I'm going to do a calibration run so that we are both prepared.

Nick Bailey

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