Coooking Night Conclusion

So it's coming up to 4 am. I got home from work and started preparation at about 8pm, making that 8 hours cooking. Hmm, a tad excessive one might think. Well I've got rice for 24 and stroganoff for 21 as well as a macaroni cheese that happened during the time it took to make a batch of rice. I was mostly slowed by the rice, as I can only do three cups at a time in my sturdy little rice cooker. Phew. I would go to bed, but then I'd wake some time in the afternoon, so instead I'll stay up a while longer and have a 2 hour kip to see me through tomorrow. Might try a spot of web development.

3 slabs of tofu, 1.5 kg of mushrooms, 5 peppers, 5 bulbs of garlic, 5 white + 7 red onions, half a tube of tomato puree, a bottle of red wine and plenty of time. I love cooking :o)