Apple Feedback - iCal

Sure it's got nout to do with photography, but here's me latest Apple feedback regarding iCal. I only include it here as otherwise they steel your ideas. You see they claim that they "can't respond individually to your emails" [bollocks], which translates as, you send us suggestions which we can take and as there is no record of you ever having suggested them we can pretend they are ours. It's all very Ninteen Eighty-Four. I'm sad to say that I don't think Apple are actually the nice 'underdog' company I once thought them to be, I'm afraid they are just another selfish FO big multinationals along the same lines as Micro$oft. I only hope Google maintains it's "don't be evil" policy.

-- BEGIN --

In the next release please can you add the option in Preferences to choose whether or not all new iCal events automatically start with a reminder.

I know it's easy to set the alarm when adding an appointment, but typically I want this as default on so that I don't have to remember each time (and thus run the risk of forgetting that one time it's critical). You could also add options so change the default reminder time etc.

It would also be good to be able to change the settings individually for the different calendars. So in Birthdays I always want all birthdays to give me a 3 day warning, where as for home activities I might only need a default 10 minutes, while for regular weekend events I might need no reminding.

**Also you need to add a 'none' option in the "Do you use a paper based organiser?" and "Do you publish any of your calendar's?" questions below.

Furthermore, you have an error in the punctuation below. In the question "Do you publish and of your calendar's?" the apostrophe before the s in calendar's is incorrect. It should read: "Do you publish any of your calendars?".

-- END --

Check the above link to see if they actually do read these emails and have fixed the punctuation mistake.

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