Drinking in the USA

I tried and mostly failed to find anywhere to get a drink while out in Washington. At first I thought I'd go to a supermarket and find something nice to watch a film with. No such luck - the supermarkets just don't appear to have a beer/wine section. I did end up coming across a wine store which was pretty mahusive, and picked up a rather rough vin rouge.

I also hoped, seeing as how I was working and staying in the midst of the George Washington University that I would pop along to their equivalent of the Union Bar. I didn't so much want to go for the actual drink but with the hope of meeting and getting to know some real students. But no such luck again. Of course with the alcohol limit being 21 there is simply little need to have a bar in the uni as it could only serve the postgrads - crazy!

So I eventually found a bar in Chinatown that served a wide range of beers (real beers, not the nats piss that they usually try to pass a beer) from around the world. I tried their darkest offering which was from Michigan and very tasty, quite thick and hard work but well worth it. Sadly while I was sitting at the bar exactly nobody talked to me as they all had more interesting friends to chat with. I had much more luck with the homeless and random people commenting on my shoelessness.

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