nickbailey the US and A

Here I am, in the good old United States for a conference this week concerning planetary defence. Yes. Panic not, the potential fate of humanity is resting in the George Washington University and I'm here to add my 10 cents later this week. No pressure of anything.

I have many things to write about here concerning America in all its... its... well, America-ish-ness. To be quite frank there is quite a lot here that gives me the willies, mostly due to the massive control that the government seems to manage to exert over the people. It smacks more than a little of China.

But for now I'll just leave you with a little excerpt from the Visa Waiver green form that must be filled in before entering the country. After filling in details about who you are and where they can hunt you down if required they try and catch out the real hard nosed baddies by some particularly cunning Yes/No questions. Question 'B' concludes:
"Are you seeking entry to engage in criminal or immoral activities."
Yes. Woops! I mean no!