4 am in Tesco

So it was a tad late (well, early on Friday morning) when I eventually set off home for Cheltenham after having spent a lovely day with my good friend. I decided it would be a handy move to stop at Tesco at Winchester to get some essentials, like my Easter eggs, and check that I was awake and safe enough to drive. I also found that my iPod hadn't synced my friends album I'd copied for the journey. So I popped my MacBook Pro in my trolly and connected the iPod up. Of course the idea of opening up my Photo Booth camera was obvious and so here is a little log of my Tesco adventure. I did take some video which I'll see if I can upload to YouTube.

Goodbye as you enter Tesco

Shoppers are replaced by re-stocking trolleys

A little procrastination before the real task of shopping

Tesco do a good line in Fair Trade coffee, but I wasn't after this

I needed Timotei...

tishews (if only they were spelt sensibly)...

some sweets (american hard gums)...

drugs for my headaches...

and I found Quarn on offer @ 2 for £3

But what I'd really come for was Easter Eggs (yes I appreciate the lack of forward planning)

I picked up a Fair Trade egg

and a 3 for £3 offer * on Cadbury's (though they only had flake)

Then took it all to the rather lonely checkout man who suspected I was slightly odd seeing as how I was wondering round the store at 4am with a Laptop in my trolley taking photos and not wearing any shoes.

* as it turned out both my Mum and Brother had also got the same offer so we all swapped Cadbury eggs.

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