Extraction of a Heat Exchanger

We in the Kitchener Community had a fantastic weekend with old friends joining us for a couple of days of garden enjoyment. I'll post later about the actual gardening we did, but here I just wanted to share one of the most exciting finds of the weekend.

We were discussing how to turn our hobo stove into a hot water heater for our outdoor bath when Hallam (Rachel's now fiancee !!) mentioned that hot water tanks have heat exchangers. At which point James stepped over to take a look at the hot water tank we have lying around the side. Sure enough inside was a perfect coil of copper tubing - perfect for the stove (in fact it was what we had thought of making). After a little extraction exercise it was free, and a thing of beauty it is too. Now we just need to work out how to fix it in the oil drum.

James and Luke cut a window in the tank to have a look

Then set about freeing the coil from it's housing

Exposed it sat lurking inside like some eroded rib cage

Ben standing victorious with the coil. Result.

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