5-Day Proved Bread, Tastes Like a French Baguette @realbread

This was utter magic. A mix of error, indolence and forgetfulness on my part resulted in a half kneaded dough sitting in the fridge since last Tuesday. I knocked it up after having cooked a rather delicious lasagna (actually, make that two, something deep within me is unable to cook in small amounts). My aim was to make the most of the oven while it was on but it got late and I couldn't be bothered. So it was popped in the fridge over night.
Finally, today, Dr K took it upon herself to sort out my mess. Adding a little more flour and giving it a rise in the warmth, it began to look a little more like a workable dough, if a little loose. A single rise the a prove on the tray before being popped in the oven along with a water tray at ~220 degrees. We sat down to watch Transcendence on the recommendation of the other Dr K and rather enjoyed it. Afterwards we checked on the cooling loaves which had a good squeeze to them. Slicing in with the knife revealed a surprising holey texture surrounded by a tough but stretchy shell. We tasted. A look of shock was apparently visible on my face - we had not only rescued a loaf from the brink of failure, but created something quite special and the closest to our Valhalla - a French baguette - than ever before. Literally delicious with a crunch chewy texture.
't really do recipes.

  • 1 kg flour mixed 7 to 3 white to brown (all strong from Daily Bread and Arjuna)
  • 600ish ml water (slightly warm I recall)
  • <20ish g sea salt
  • >10 g yeast fresh from Arjuna
  • mixed & left, then half kneaded and left in the fridge
  • leave for 5 days
  • add in a bit more flour
  • rise
  • shape and prove
  • bake for ~10 mins at ~220 degrees then lower for longer

real bread. © Nick Bailey

real bread. © Nick Bailey
real bread. © Nick Bailey
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