Apparently I'm not human...

After a conversation in the office I wondered if there was a way to determine which programming language was most appropriate for me. I found this, which is not quite what I was looking for and didn't really do the job, but gave the following fun result:
You are Binary.  You are not human and go to great lengths to prove it.  You always know where you are and how you got there, but no one else does, ever.
Which Programming Language are You?

What I was actually after was something that asked non-technical questions yet achieved a technical result. So for example something along the lines of "what are your attitudes to cleaning:"

  • I always clean up after myself
  • I like cleaning, but tend to prioritise mess making
  • I enjoy cleaning when the cleaning has accumulated to make it worthwhile
  • I clean on a regular basis whether it is needed or not
  • What is cleaning exactly?
And the result might be that because you clean up as you go, C++ is best because you'll just love the manual memory management. Anyone heard of this or want to create it then let me know.