Dr Nick is no more, I am Uncle Nick now.

This morning at 8:30, unbeknownst to me I became an uncle. While I was mixing a batch of our own blend Daily Bread crunchy muesli, I received a text from my brother saying that their little boy had been born. A smile literally grew across my face, I could feel it, right from one side of my face to the other, I am an uncle, my brother a dad. (OK, writing that just made me well up).
Apparently the whole thing had happened in only 5 hours from waters to birth and without any medication! Wow, Totes incredible and dead amaze. I am really impressed by my sister-in-law, what a woman, and I feel so happy for my brother. Their life has now changed, a new dawn. (stopping due to well-up potential - will write later.)
Well done Dr Chris. I love you too.