Ten thousand visitors to my blogsite.

Tonight I passed the 10,000 mark on this blog (not my main website which counts quite differently and not entirely accurately - then again it's impossible to get Blogger to not count my own page views, so if the power of Google can't work it out I'm damned if I'll be able to). I feel touched. Perhaps this is not a big number in the grand scheme of things. It's not like I have 10k likes, or unique visitors, and I doubt many of those people spend much more than a few seconds checking to see if I'm the Nick Bailey they're really interested in and then leave. That's not to say I doubt your sincerity (the those of you who are reading this), but in the modern web attention is so fleeting and gratification so un-delayed.

So thank you all for stopping by. Please do leave a comment or two some time. I love to hear from visitors and I'm always looking for people to bounce my ideas back at me.

Blessings to you.