I can certainly see myself in his eyes

Saturday was a good day. The little chap had been pretty grizzly for most of Thursday and Friday so we were a little worn out by Saturday but hopeful that it was a growth spurt and as such he would be calmed down. This seemed to be the case, either that or he was so worn out by the crying that he needed a good days sleep. Dr K cycled off early to yoga for the first time since birth and I was left solo with him to head down later by bus. Thankfully there was a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge as a backup in case things kicked off, which they did a little and it calmed him down enough to slip him into a milk coma and for me to slip him into the sling. I then braved the horror that is Stagecoach paying £4.10 for the privileged of what would turn out to be a one way ticket.
We met up at midsummer common for the 42nd CAMRA Cambridge Beer Festival and slowly enjoyed a lunch of sandwiches (bread baked in the morning with rocket from the driveway) then joined by friends with black bean balls, chocolates and other delicacies. Meanwhile I enjoyed a range of beers in 1/3 pints meaning that over the course of the 8 hours we spent there I consumed under 2 whole pints. The weather gradually warmed up and I got out my camera trying out the new 35mm prime lens that Dr K had picked up from John Lewis for me. That gave the first image blow, the second of me is from the phone.
eye reflections. © Nick Bailey
reflection in my child's eye
42nd cambridge beer festival. © Nick Bailey
celebrating an early towel day at the 42nd Cambridge beer festival