No Salt Please I've Had Sandwiches

Simply Crazy! I'd heard that bread can be a large part of people's daily salt intake, but I wasn't prepared for what I found.

I quite like bread. It's not a massive part of my diet, but I do go through some phases where I eat the equivalent of maybe one loaf a week. Generally I don't manage half a loaf in a week. I've also refined my position on the great Hovis Kingsmill debate - I still maintain that Kingsmill is the higher quality bread. Eaten as bread, Kingsmill wins hands down, especially the wholemeal 'Gold' loaf. But when toasted I've begun to realise that Kingsmill doesn't perform as well as Hovis. Hovis simply works better toasted, tastes shit plain, but works when burnt.

Kingsmill - superior, but made worse by toasting
Hovis - inferior but made good by a slight burning

Anyway, off topic there, back to the salt content. Not feeling like cerial this morning I opted for a slice of toast as I'd brought some Hovis 'Best of Both' (perhaps the best Hovis loaf). Investigating the packet I discovered that the single slice of toast I was eating (covered with some simply superb raspbery conserve I get from Aldi - square jars for 65p can't be beaten) was contributing an eighth of my daily salt allowance!!

Put another way, had I eaten four sandwiches I would have filled my salt quota. Thus no more salt for the rest of the day.

Lucky I don't like sandwiches.