The Stench of New Sealant

It must be student accommodation there's the smell of freshly applied sealant lingering in the air.

We've had the 'fixit' man come in and repaired the shower. The present sealing round the bottom of the shower was incredibly poorly done and is now black and moldy. The shower also leaks a bit so we wanted to get it repaired.

Unfortunately the repair man just came, sealant gun in hand, and pretty much just covered over the old stuff. Yay. Whimper

What gets me is that, done properly in the first place, there should be no problem. My parents house doesn't do the same thing. In fact, other than student houses and grotty dives, I've never seen showers go bad. But it's a student accommodation so no care is taken to get jobs done properly. The only way to really do it is to do it yourself.

Oh how I long for my own house...