Who'd Steel 15 Pallets and a Bath?

Well, the kitchener community would.

Highfield seems to be a hive of construction work of late with extensions being built left, right and center. One might think this a neusance, but not if you consider the flip side of construction waste. Building sites throw out a ton of rubbish, some of which is rather usfull. OK, to be fair the greatest use is in buring, but frankly it's hard to think of a better use for waste.

This evening two of the communities cheif scavengers went out on a late night mission to collect material. Our target was a site that I've had my eye on for a few days now. We collected about 15 wooden pallets to add to our now rather ludicrous mass of pallets (but more is allways better). But perhaps the best find, and something I've had my eye on for a week or so, is a bath. Granted it's not one of those lovely victorian free-standing ones, but a bath none the less which I intend to sink into the lawn to enable bathing in the summer months.

What a night.