BBC Three: Sex... with Mum and Dad

I just watched the second episo of this series - brilliant. I've seen the program before, but this was particulary touching. Two families that had both lost their Mum leaving the Dad struggling to communicate with their sexually active child.

The dad and daughter family did some generally good work and progressed from a family at war to a family in love. It was pleasing to see the progress made in just a week. But the other family was something special.

Phil Francis is gay and his dad couldn't accept it meaning that they had lived separate lives in the same house. Over the course of the program we saw the dad learning to accept his sons sexuality, and most importantly, breaking down his previous understanding that it was somehow his fault. Their special task was to take a trip to the Lake District (a special place to me), and while up the mountain* (looked like Castle Crag) hey talked about their lack of physical contact and then about the loss of mum. It was emotional for both of them, and quite special, but it left me wanting to scream at the TV telling them to HUG! They didn't! Crazy, but I pray by now they will have done. But the change was remarkable. Love had and acceptance reigned.

*Yes, it did seem a little staged, but then again it's a TV program so it's bound to be in some respects.

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