Chaplaincy Post Exam BBQ

What an evening! And what a success. I was a little worried that nobody would turn up or that I'd not have enough food, or perhaps far too much food. But as it turned out the whole thing turned out beautifully.

There were people from Cathsoc, SCM, CU and Jsoc, possibly the Postgrad Fellowship, but sadly none from CCF or KCF. I should think there were 40 people over the evening and nearly all the food was eaten (I got the roll to meat ratio pretty damn fine) and loads of people hun around for ages after the cooking finished.

The BBQ itself was exciting and I'm enjoying the sweet smell of wood smoke on my hands as I type. It was a half oil drum BBQ and I took a fire-from-scratch approach (ie no fire sticks or fluids) much to the bemusement/confusion of others as there were the auto-light fire bags available. By the time my fire work was done the heat was quite awesome and the cooking splendid. I love making a good fire. I'm damn good at fire.

So the evening was jolly good fun and it was lovely to have such an ecumenical gathering and the Chaplaincy so populated. As people began to dissipate we turned up the music and got some dancing underway.

Eventually it was just a hard core SCM nugget left and we danced to music till half 1 this morning. And I'm not just talking the slightly embarrassing dad-at-your-sisters-wedding type of dance. Oh no, we went from modern interpretative dance right round to traditional ballet, all set to a rather eclectic mix of modern pop.

Thoroughly enjoyable :o)