Comedy Change

While in Portswood Hardware this afternoon I purchased a bow saw and lopper to aid my tree felling activities over the weekend (weather permitting). As I was leaving I thought I'd ask about rat measures and they suggested some bait to use outside and gave directions on the beast measures. After a little deliberation as to whether it is right to kill the rat (a subject for a later post) I went for it.

The price was £7.49

Noting I had nine pence in coins and thinking I'd be helpful I gave the kid on the desk eight pounds and my nine pence change (a five, a tuppence and two pennies).

The slightly confused expression on the kids face said it all as he handed me back the correct change - sixty pence, only not as a 50p and 10p as I was expecting, but rather a 50p, a penny and the nine pence change I'd just given him.

So close. Gave me something to smile about on my way home.