Day two, much change - he has eyes!

Day two and things were less clear. When I arrived at the hospital this morning after a glorious sunny cycle down via Boots to pick up some nipple cream Mr Sir was a different person. Eyes were open, one better than the other, and he was much more active. Perhaps yesterday was a fluke. He wasn't crying super hard, but just occasionally and I was able to settle him a few times. But certainly the demand level had increased - it wasn't going to be quite as easy as about which I'd first caught a hope's glimmer.
More tests today including his other ear which had still been blocked the day before and he was jabbed with a BCG vaccination due to our Eastern risk factor. Eventually we were discharged and our recently birthed friend came to pick us up as she had a car seat installed. I cycled back via a couple of errands to pick up some supplied from Seoul Plaza. When I got home Dr K was feeding upstairs in our newly created landing. It was such a joy to behold, my wife and child at home.
After his feed, as the sun was just beginning to set I stole him away and popped outside to show him the garden for the first time. To be frank I can't say he was that interested, but I'm sure we can work on his gardening instincts. Having been round the garden twice (it is only tiny after all) I followed my urge to show him the neighbours magnolia which has just exploded into flower. Pretty soon we were visiting my favourite garden center (Histon Plant Sale) and then it was all the way round the block. I later explained to Dr K that this was his favourite walk - I suspect this is how parenting starts: you simply make stuff up about your child, some true and others become true. I must admit, and I doubt this will surprise anyone of you who know me (and particualy annyone who went to my wedding), that I cried all the way round. It was lovely. Actually lovely doesn't cut it, it was perfect, it was joy. Yep, joy. Transcendent happiness, like the feeling God must have for humanity. The love of a father, Oh dear typing this and I've gone again.