One more night of silence.

No progress was made on the birthing today other than a natural course of things. Instead a day spent outside in the delicious first warm day of spring. It was just so fulfilling to be out all day. Then in the evening I went down to the hospital to visit Dr K and we walked out along a footpath she had explored earlier. There we sat, eating some nut bibimbap and watching a rather splendid sunset; the sun sinking behind the trees on the horizon. Perhaps the one (?) advantage of a flat landscape, it was a bit like an ocean sunset. Glorious, sitting there together as a couple on perhaps the final day of this previous life, we felt so happy.
Now it's another night back home for me and then work tomorrow. Bit weird as I was hoping to be on holiday now (by holiday I mean paternity leave). Hopefully I can be a little productive while I wait for any news. The next stage is to break the waters which should encourage a natural labour, but that could still take another 24 hrs. Unlikely, I suspect, seeing as how things are progressing, but then you never know. There's a three ladies in the wait and over the bank holiday I think they've been quite happy for them not to go into labour. Tomorrow might be a little different with the Doctors back in force.
I'm super proud of Dr K already and feel ready now for this next step. I shall miss the quiet and miss the bump, the sleep too as well as our peaceful shared current life (and when I express this I see concerned look on peoples faces followed by their urge to try and convince me I'm wrong and that it will be fabulous), but I definitely feel I have made the full journey from doubt and worry to preparation and... I was going to say excitement, that's not quite right, not exactly excitement but rather perhaps 'peace'. Still, should get to sleep and some rest before it's all change please, all change.