First whole day with a son at home.

A lovely day was had by all. It was magical. We both just had a fantastic day with our son. Nappy changes, plenty of skin to skin time (I just love it, and he seems to copy with my hairy body to [frankly he's pretty hairy too, like a little baby gorilla]), cuddles bounces. A very kind midwife came for our day three check-up including weighing and general advice. Mr Sir's weight had dropped to 3.08 kg - a loss of 9.9%, just within acceptable limits. She also observed he was a tad on the yellow side, something that I'd put down to his Asian ancestry, but apparently not. The midwife went off to collect a machine that goes ping (to test for jaundice) so we took the opportunity for some daylight and a feed outside. The test proved that he's half way to the safety threshold but fine for now. In the evening we went for a walk to see the ducks on the green in the village and then home via the chip shop (as it is Friday). I was a little excited to introduce him to them but the look on their faces was a sight, in China mothers and babies (but especially mothers) do not go outside for the first month, and there were were in a chip shop ordering fish and chips. Oh dear. The evening was spent cooing on twitter.