Testdrive review: Honda Jazz

Jazz (but not the 2016)
With panoramic sunroof
John Banks

Honda Jazz. © Honda
This was my first attempt at showing interest in buying a car and trying to book a testdrive. The process was quite painless and had I been organised enough to bring my driving licence in the first place I could probably have done it when I first showed up. The chap was friendly enough, he took me round the car and some of the options. The smart seats were indeed rather cleaver and nifty giving a full height option for large items and packing flat for more usual haulage. This was a good point as it is likely we will carry lots of stuff (logs and the like).
For the drive itself I was able to drive home to my driveway which is a little fiddly and have a go at parking in it. This also allowed Dr K to take a look around the car without their need for travel. The drive was pleasant enough, but very little to say about it. It felt spacious inside and a little like my mum's Renault Espace, but it didn't feel swish, in fact the inside felt a little overly practical, perhaps a little cheap. The sunroof was lovely although I didn't get to testdrive one with it. Overall a good size car, spacious for the footprint, but it didn't make me feel much wow, and quite expensive for that.