Testdrive: Toyota Yaris

The Yaris was a bit of a disappointment to me I'm sad to say. The brochure was exciting and enticing, the outside has a rather nice exciting and sharp styling without being overly aggressive. The inside boasts a massive touch-screen display, but the rest of the inside felt surprisingly cheap and a bit overly functional. The excitement of the exterior isn't carried over inside, and that seems quite a shame. The software on the touch-screen was also quite weak, not as bad as the Vauxhaull, which is horrendous, but certainly dated and clunky - missing the simplicity and elegance of the Polo's UI.
The drive was pleasant enough. Nothing to really say in it's favour or detriment. Perhaps the gearbox was a bit on the loose side, the steering not super precise. The indicators were annoyingly loud. But it went round and seemed to be reasonable on fuel efficiency. The sound of the rain on the roof was a problem - it felt exceedingly tinny and cheap as a result. However, the Andy from the showroom was really a big plus: honest, relaxed and friendly - exactly what I want from someone trying to sell me a huge (non) investment.