Bush and Terror

Dear Lord that fool, the President of the USA, the dumb-ass George Bush (whether or not he actually is a dumb ass or not is quite irrelvant for the purpose of this rant) is currently wittering on about the cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon.

He just speaks bollocks about how America is striving for freedom through forcing democracy on them all (the infadels). This is from a man who one his first elections through a range of dodgy tactics. He spouts useless shite about how good Israel is - umm, nothing to do with America funding them to a stupid degree then - and how evil and terror-filled Hezbola is.

They just don't get it these Republicans. They just can't see past their own fat fannys, see beyond their own pre-concieved (and thus totally correct) world view. They have no capacity for self evaluation or self criticism. How can they possibly be allowed to function on their own. These Rebublicans are just scared little bullyish children that should really not be in charge of anything as big as America.

And I've not even mentioned their fucked up vision of Christ and faith. Someone please smack them.

Confront Terror. Fight for Liberty. Strive for Freedom. We care about the loss of innocent lives. Terrorism is the fight of the 21st century.
Sounds great (if you don't engage you brain that is), shame it's all bollocks.

You might well be able to find this Bush conference on CNN. That's where I'm listening to it.