Hotel v Youth Hostel

- Hotel -
  • Private room
  • Own bath
  • Nice fittings
  • TV
  • Room service
  • Restaurant
  • Expensive
  • Often new buildings lack architectural merrit
  • Private room is lonely
  • TV is a bad distraction

- Youth Hostel -
  • Cheap
  • Friendly
  • Dormitories help you meet frinds
  • No TV
  • Often have communal areas for meeting people
  • Often in old interesting buildings
  • Can cook your own food
  • Possibly less secure
  • Have to make your own entertainment
  • Large variability in quality etc.

On balance I prefer youth hostels. I've typically had great experiences right across the world from America to China. I love the way it makes you meet people and if arriving in a new city, especailly if travelling alone, there really is no better way to get acqainted, make friends, learn about what's good and what's not and have a good time.

I guess Hotels are better for married people who don't need other friends. But it's youth hostels for me all the way