Here I am in Prague, City of a thousand spires.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately my luggage only arrived late last night. Like I advise everyone - DON'T EVER TRAVEL THROUGH CHARLES DE GAUL!!! See this for starters: AirFrance letter of complaint.

But everything is good now. I have my luggage, I have clean clothes to wear and I finally have my camera (I've been setting up shots to take while I've been wondering around over the last two days). I'm also singed into my conference and looking forward to an interesting week of talks etc. Im not yet looking forward to Friday when I give my presentation, but I'm sure it will be just fine. To be honnest I think I'll have grown board of worrying about it long before then so I might well be quite relaxed, or at least blasé by the time it comes around.

But till then, just a load of, hopefully, interesting seminars, talks, debates, discussions and a hell of a lot of coffee. YAY! Also with this wi-fi connection I might well be able to get on with some solid blogging. So this is a week to keep up with this blog.