UK terror threat level downgraded

The terror threat to the UK has been downgraded from "critical" to "severe".

I'm reminded of the Red Dwarf comedy line:
"Are you sure Sir? That does require changing the bulb".

Just to mention that I was caught up in this fiasco late last week when I was due to fly to Prague for this IAU conference. Thankfully I wasn't flying out till Saturday morning, so some time was there for the situation to cool off, and my flight was from Southampton Airport not Heathrow. Nevertheless, I duly turned up to the airport with just my wallet, passport and a tissue in a plastic bag and was passed through customs (despite the terrorist-esq beard).

When I arived at Charles de Gaule for my connecting flight there I was, in my suit, with a clear plastic bag (the type you get vegetables in) of belongings while everyone else had their laptops, bags, phones and looked generally more prepaired.

Hopefully with the threat down graded, and the allowance of some hand luggage, I might be able to return with loads of space in my suit case as on the way out it had to contain my camera rucksack too - nice.