Inrodes into the Astronomical Community

This is what I'm finding the hardest about attending this IAU conference. The talks are all really good with interesting questions and packed theaters, but the real work comes afterwards when everyone disperses to disucss what's been said.

At these times it's hard being a complete newbie to get chatting to anyone. Partly because there are so many of the top names here and I don't want to embaress myslef, but also beacuse there are a lot of geeks who know each other. So they end up chatting with each other having not been together since the last IAU etc. and thus the newbies are left to try and make inrodes themselves.

I should think it would be easier follwing a presentation as then people can come up to you and talk about your work. Unfortunately for me my presentation is tomorrow, the very last presentation of the last day and so I won't be able to benefit from this publicity. Hopefully people will remember what I said, perhaps untill the next IAU when I can meet up again with them all.