21 August 2014

New Black Cat

I went to visit our new cat who's presently residing in the local Cat rescue centre. We went last weekend just to have a look and ended up deciding there and then on one. They had quite a lot of black cats (as has been in the news recently), but we felt that actually a black cat will go quite well with our furniture (not to devalue the little critter). She is a 'He' and is currently called Sooty (though he might become a Schubert). This was my third visit and he was definitely much more friendly this time round. So hopefully when we get him home he'll only improve and get more friendly. He does rather enjoy fishing which could be some cause for concern amongst our friendly blackbird community.

black cat. © Nick Bailey
turns out they're right, black cats really are hard to photograph

black cat. © Nick Bailey
cute though

black cat. © Nick Bailey
and a little bouncy


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