Why All The Flies Nick?

I was sorting through my catalogue of desktop backgrounds and found these three fly photos that I took back in 2005. Now with my new D7100 I thought it about time to try my hand again at some fly macros principally in search of the perfect compound eye shot. I've not made it yet, but I'm getting reasonably pleased with the preliminary results. More to come I'm sure, but to temper the files (which are otherwise getting a little too annoying in the house at the moment) there is a picture of a bee in flight (the focus is not particularly sharp I'll admit).

rock fly. © Nick Bailey
a rather cute blue bottle. I love the colours of the rock (2005)

garden fly. © Nick Bailey
sepia filter applied to this, but the eye is magnificent (2005)

fly on rock. © Nick Bailey
the focus of this was well caught (2005)

 - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
this bee was visiting the morning courgette flowers (recent)