The Fog Of Things - FoT

Has anyone coined the 'Fog Of Things' yet? If not then I will. Clouds are isolated things which sit far away. Basically servers as far as I can tell. The Internet Of Things (IoT) is therefore lots of things things on the ground all talking to 'the cloud' (or clouds?). But some things on the ground might talk to each other not necessarily via a cloud. Therefore fog, unlike with Clouds, is all around us (at least when it's foggy). You can see the stuff right close by but for things further away you just have to guess as to their location, and in fact you perhaps don't need to know it's location as long as you can hear it. Ah, yes, fog obscures vision but not sound - that's another good analogous trait. I might start saying I'm working in the Fog Of Things, the FoT. What happens when the fog lifts - ah ha - the Drizzle of Things: the future state where we as unsuspecting humans (consumers) are bombarded with things after things measuring every bit of data that can possibly be extracted from us and our environment. Oh I can't wait for my fridge to tell me I need to buy more milk and stop eating so many pies.