A Wonderful But Worryingly Forgetful Morning

I had a lovely early morning with the little boy after he woke at half five. I was pretty knackered initially but perked up pretty soon, and pleased I did as he was so super chatty and laughing at me and with me. It was just super. We snacked on some malted wheat flakes, looked at each other through our legs and explored the utility room. He even managed three separate poos on the potty (that's five in total now) along with a couple of wees! :) He spent most of the few hours before his nap holding a pencil and chewing the end. He has a penchant for pens so I'm not surprised he liked the pencil, plus it seemed to taste good - he munched on the led leaving dark marks around his face and on his teeth which is all probably fine. That was not before I tried to show him how to draw with it on the newspaper which he seemed to find exceedingly entertaining watching the mark come out of the end. He didn't have much luck drawing there but I did find later that he'd made some good swirls and lines around the kitchen draws. Eventually he got a bit grumpy and frustrated so I took him to bed where drifted easily off to sleep as did I - I needed a nap too.

What was odd was that a little later in the morning as we were watching him in the bedroom looking out of the window excitedly at the moving machines, I mentioned that I'd had a lovely morning with him but immediately realised I couldn't remember anything about it or why it was lovely. Things that are otherwise normal have such a tendency to slip out of the mind. This is so sad when we really had had fun. So this is why I sat down to write this post, and only in doing so did I remember the pencil and three poos. Had I not, these would have been lost to the mists of time.

I realise I can't begin to expect to remember everything, but it really is important to record some of the usual things that happen, things that otherwise would be lost. I find photography is not sufficient for this as taking out the camera is usually only triggered by an event of some such. But in words the humble everyday can be recorded. Which makes me suspect that this is just the sort of thing that other people (i.e. you the reader) are less interested in. So forgive my indulgence in writing this mostly for future me.

PS. How do you spell poo and wee?