Bad + Good or OK?

Here is a dilema I face remarkably often: if there is something I don't like, should I dilute it in order to make it weaker but longer, or have a short sharp but horrible hit? Most recently occurrence of this is with tea. My usual supplier, The Daily Bread Cooperative in Cambridge used to stock really nice "breakfast" tea, by which I believe they meant Assam. Either way, it was a really good taste, strong but smooth loose tea. Sadly some time last year their supplier failed meaning they were out of stock for months. Then when they finally got more stock in the quality was significantly reduced - much more dusty than it used to be making a much rougher cup (yes, this is going to be one of those dull blog posts I'm afraid). Dr K brought a bag recently and we found that not only is the quality still rubbish, but also it has gone up by nearly £1 (~+20%) [yes, this is a grumpy moan @DB_Cambridge].

Anyway, to my problem. It has crossed my mind that I could simply ditch the tea, but I hate being wasteful, so I feel compelled to consume it. Now should I buy some other tea which is nicer - say Clipper Loose Assam - and mix it together to make the worse tea better? Of course this also makes the nice tea worse and also last longer all round. Or shall I try and work through the worse tea keeping the nice stuff separate so that occasionally reward myself with a nice pot? The same thing has happened at work when I brought some Coop loose tea only to discover that, surprise surprise, it's equally dusty rubbish (actually, it's remarkably identically to the Daily Bread tea - suspicious?

Forget my dilemna. Where can I buy nice tea nowadays?