Grand Designs - It Still Holds Me

It felt like one of those evening in which I needed to watch Grand Designs, and I knew I happened to have one still saved from the the most recent series (County Antrim 2015). It pretty much followed the usual flow from massive undertaking, through huge debt to wondrous conclusion and amazing space. It really never fails to get me hooked.

I've been watching since the very beginning (I was enthralled by Kevin McCloud's previous series about scaling the UK's famous architecture which must have been in 2000 perhaps - Wikipedia reveals that to have been a BBC2 series called Don't Look Down). Dang! I should have been an architect.

The slight difference this evening was the feeling that perhaps I could still one day build my own home one day. I suppose I'm too late to be on GD as I've already had my first child (everyone knows that the "now his wife is pregnant" is the cliff hanger with which to go to the first advert break). But I could perhaps, if I sold our house and took out a new massive mortgage, build my own house one day. Friends of mine from Cheltenham did it only recently in their retirement - Colemans Hill Ecobuild. It would allow use to escape the stale confines of East Anglia where views don't exist and skies are not (despite what the locals will have you believe) enormous - for enormous skies go to Seattle where the sky reaches from the Space Needle right over to Mt Rainier 100 km's away. That would be something to aim for and what is money for other than for sinking into the folly of a grand designs project which shou ld outlive me. The only real decision would be where to move to?