My rabbit (She's called Roo)

Orange flowers in bud format

Orange flower with blue spekled background

Sunday's Photographic Outing with folks from work. This tree at sunset won our little photo competition. Posted by Hello

Sunday's Photographic Outing with folks from work. A green tree for me to print out at A3 to go with my orange tree. Posted by Hello

The Mini logo in the rain Posted by Hello

A hover fly in my garden - must get a proper macro lens! Posted by Hello

Rain on a Mini's bonnet Posted by Hello

Me with my 'colombian drug barron' mustache Posted by Hello

Email Blogger

OK so the time seems to be right now, well I'll just test out this email facility allowing my to blog on the run.
And let's time how long it takes to get through. The time is now: 12:24PM

The time

Can't seem to get the time right on Blogger, there seems to be no Daylight Saving Time option for GMT - bad Google.

The time is currently 12:21 PM

A yacht siling on the Solent Posted by Hello

Waves crashing over an old groin on Hurst Castle spit Posted by Hello

Me, enjoying half a pint of cidre on Bank Holiday Monday Posted by Hello

A fabulous shot of some tulips I took over Easter Posted by Hello