I Hate iPhoto - my latest feedback complaint

Bollocks to iPhoto.

Yet another problem with your shit code. iPhoto won't let me import a folder that is presently in the Library folder. You might think this a strange request (by the look of your code you evidently don't think much about those who might want to actually use your program). Owing to the fact that I can't import shots from my camera into more than one folder at once (you fools), I've had to import all the photos from two days into one Library folder. So naturally I want to split this folder into two.

Can I do this in the iPhoto library window? No. Of course not! That would be far to useful.

So I pop along to the Library folder in Pictures and manually split the folder in two. So now back in iPhoto what do I see? Can you guess? Why look - there is the old 'roll' with both days of photos in - but I've removed that folder so where are these images been taken from? Who knows. I doubt you could rub any brain cells together and find out, but we all live in hope.

Come on people? Is Apple, the makers of OSX (quite a nice bit of software) really employing a bunch of monkeys at typewriters like your selves.

You need people like me to beta test your software and point out these blatant shortfalls in the code.

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My Suggestion Email to Picasa

I've just though of a funky suggestion for Picasa that I think you might like. I've been thinking about this feature for a while but have just realised how to achieve it. I realised this from using iPhoto which has the feature to select multiple photos and view them side by side. Naturally, being iPhoto (which is a pile of poo compared to Picasa - I can't tell you how lost I am without Picasa on my mac and how desperate I am for you to make it mac compatible) the feature is wildly underused - there is simply no point made of this feature in iPhoto other than to go 'hmm, I prefer that one'.

So my suggestion for Picasa... Now I'd like to suggest that by reading my following suggestion you agree to make Picasa for Mac (please please please), but I doubt I can get away with . So here it is anyway:

Have a comparison feature... but for the same image - "ahhhhh" you exclaim, followed by "eah?". Right. So it's all very well to have a comparison feature for two or more shots - I frequently take more than one of the same scene and like to flick back and forth to see which I like best, thus displaying two shots together might help with this. But what I've always wanted to do in Picasa is to take the same photograph down two different avenues and then compare them. You have the lovely abilty to undo different layers (which stupid iPhoto doesn't have), but if you add some cunning layer path (which would show the order of the layers that you've added, like a layer history :) ) you can easily switch between different stages of your tweaking. Then, however, the even more cunning aspect would be to include the function to add a split in the history giving the ability to take the same photo down different paths and then compare them. How cool would that be? :)

Hope you like it!

Nick Bailey
22 December 2006

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Well blow me down. There I was just lamenting the lack of a delete key on my Mac when I suddenly though "hold on, if I were able to I'd give the backspace key a second role - that of delete".

And you know what...

Yep, it works. 'fn' + 'backspace' = 'delete' => :D

Hurrah for Mac!

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I Miss Picasa

It's just not the same without Picasa. I love Picasa. But there is no Picasa for the Mac. :(

Photo blogging is so much more fun with Picasa, and simply scrolling through all the photo's I've taken is just better than it is with stupid iPhoto. iPhoto is all slow, and restrictive and not fun.

Please Google, will you make Picasa for my Mac.

A pink rose at Mottisfont Abbey Posted by Picasa

A nice mushroom I took last year near Marwell Zoo. Posted by Picasa

Self Portrait

I took this a few weeks back using my MacBook Pro iSight.
Me in my Burghaus jerkin.


Wing Yip

The best Chinese online shop you're likely to find this side of Russia. You can order up to 25kg of stuff (equipment, tools, bottles, bowls, rice etc.) and get it delivered for £4.50 within 4 days - splendid.

You might be thinking, phaw, four pounds fifty is a lot of money for postage, but not when a truly massive box appears at your door a few days later.

I'd reccoment purchasing their round chopping board (yes, it is a slice of tree) as it will kick your wooden block chopping boards to splinters and cost a third of the price. Nice.

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SUHC - Stonehenge Daywalk

Here are some of the shots I took on the Stonehenge daywalk on Saturday. I'll add a few more when it's not 1:25 am on a Monday morning.

Glorious autumn colours lit by some simply superb autumn sunlight

a close up of those leaves, slightly amended for use as a desktop background

Hill walkers heading for lunch

Stonehenge at set

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Dear Society

Please can everyone stop getting fat. Shops are now not stocking clothes in small anymore because everyone buying things are over weight. Fat is not good. Eat less high calorie and high fat foods, eat more vegetables and fruit and stop this onslaught against us small people.

SUHC Trip to Yorkshire

Another couple of photos from the SUHC trip to Yorkshire. This time some people shots. I don't tend to shoot people as I'm not very good at it and find that sometime they seem to ruin landscape shots, but in the end they are the most important of all photographs as landscape and weather will always outlast people.

Close in on our walking party with German Martin leading the pack after having been given a brief introduction to navigation.

Walking the horizon - I like the way the group seems to bleed into the bright sky as they walk along the edge of the limestone pavement.


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SCM Bonfire Night 2006

What a Wednesday evening this was. The biggest I've ever built, lovely company and completely no injuries or major calamities. Here is a brief pictorial overview of the evening. If you missed out then make sure you're here next year for another bonfire. I'd also like to add a brief apology to those with whom I didn't get to chat with (including my housemates), I'm afraid I tend to stick with the fire to prevent any problems arising making me less sociable.

The beggining. A big bonfire (including two tree stumps and a large number of pallets) built to withstang me jumping on top of it repeatedly - four years of engineering did pay off then.

The SCM gathering looking expectantly during the slightly problematic initial stages.

Finally lit and begging tp take off.

As the flames worked through the linearly designed construction the place hotted up big time.

We continued to keep the shed and fence well watered to prevent any unwanted combustion. (James is not trying to put out the fire in this shot)

I inadvertently got sprayed which helped cool off my nipples which got surprisingly hot as I tended the blaze

The braced construction collapsed in upon itslef beautifully within the hour I expected it to take.

As the flames grew the SCMers retreated across the garden, then closed back in as it died down.

A close in shot of the burning pallets

More tending. I've probably had about 18 years doing this.

The customary religeous sacrafice.

In our case a greater than lifesize Mel Gibson.

Finally, with the people gone and the embers piled, the fire is left to finish off in safety
(though it will be hot for at least two days).


A bolder on top of the limestone pavement up on the Yorkshire Dales

Windswept Tree in the Yorkshire Dales

This was a rather fine tree that we walk passed during Sunday's walk on the SUHC weekend away. I'm not sure I really got the most striking image I could have done so any comments are appreciated. I've added a soft bluring and desaturated the image slightly to give a more eerie feel.

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iPhoto is Crap, Long Live Picasa

One of the reasons behind getting my Mac was for my digital photos. I was told that iPhoto was the way to organise and view my photos and that Google's Picasa had been based on iPhoto, meaning it must be good.

Sadly Picasa trumps iPhoto on pretty much every count, bar the touch-up feature and sharpen slider that Picasa doesn't have. But frankly these sacrafices are little compared to the anoyances faced with iPhoto.

It simply doesn't handle the job anyway near as well as Picasa. For a start when you order your photos chronologically, the last photo of each folder is presented first. Which means you scroll backwards from the end of the shoot to the beggining (or elsewise you have to have the most recent photo set at the bottom of the window). 

But most anoying is the fact that any tweak you make actually alters the file rather than a layer like in Picasa. A backup of the original is made which means a doubling of the disk space used, great.

So dear Google, can you please give us a mac version of Picasa, we need it.

desprinisity - the level of someones desperateness.
Monty Python - French Sketch

I live with a couple of native French speakers, so this one's for you ;)

Firework Displays

It's getting towards which means that there are shows on aplenty. This year I'm going to watch the University display that I've always missed before. And as ever I'll be taking along my camera to capture some, hopefully, great shots. The question is how to take them.

Bournemouth 04
Two years ago I went down to Bournemouth and caught some great shots from a , experimenting with leaving the shutter open and repeatedly uncovering the lenses. That worked well and generated some lovely trailing shots.

Tripod shot 1

Tripod shot 2

Winchester 05
Last year I went to the after a hillwalking daywalk from Shawford to Winchester. Having been walking meant I didn't have my tripod, but the following are a couple of samples from the evening. I was actually very pleased with what I got and rather like the freeze frame approach to fireworks.

Hand held shot 1

Hand held shot 2

But what about this year? Well sadly my tripod broke this summer so the decision is partly made for me, but the question is how to get a new take on these standard shots. It will depend on the style of the fireworks themselves - the big bang ones really require a longer exposure caught from a tripod to capture the expanding trail. Whereas displays with more frequent smaller intricate fireworks (my preference, though technically less 'impressive') probably work better with short speed shots.

I'll post up some of the best over the weekend.

SUHC Trip to Yorkshire

Last weekend the Soton Uni Hillwalking Club took a trip to the Yorkshire Dales, to a little place called Chapel-le-Dale for a weekend walking in the dales. Sadly Saturday was washed out completely, and while my group managed the assent of Ingleborough, the cold and rain defeated us forcing us to descend back to camp.

Sunday, meanwhile, made up for it entirely (to be honest I quite enjoyed the difficulty of Saturday's extreme weather walk). The weather was simply glorious, with a warm sun beating down on us making my groups trek from Chapel-le-Dale to Ingleton over the southern flanks of Whernside an utter delight. Not only did the walk make the whole trip worthwhile, but afforded me a wealth of photographic opportunities. Here are some of my finest fruits pretty much straight out of the camera.

My hillwalking group on the horizon

Boulders probably left by glaciation make magnificent monuments

with some grand waterfalls thanks to the limestone rock layers

Some rather interesting patterns in the foam on the creak

Climate Change Report

I'm just listening to the press conference for the Stern Report. Excellent. The UK does indeed still rock and I really hope we will lead the way in climate change. I also hope that Gordon Brown gets into leadership nice and quickly as, after hearing him speak, I am well behind him. He really cares about this stuff and is on the ball as to what is happening. He also cares about the world and about the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Make Poverty History has also been celebrated during the conference - our voices were heard, nice one! :) We need to keep up the fight to make it history as we did the slave trade nearly 200 years ago (thought note that we didn't rid the world of slavery per say). We also need to increase our fight on climate change, killing off our love affair with fossil fuels and embracing changes that, while might seem like hardships, will secure the very foundation of our world for the future. That might sound over dramatic, but with the potential for dramatic climate change to occur over the period of just one century* this is no longer a joke.

Finally there was a good deal of support for America, in part that is. The North Eastern states and California are actually adopting their own Kyoto protocols and making action to combat climate change. FANTASTIC! But lets take a closer look at those states... oh yes, they are Democratic states (except California, which is democratic in all but colour). And what are the Republicans doing? F-all.

Wake up Bush. Get your executioner-raw-hide** arse out of the Whitehouse and let someone with vision beyond the thick back gold of the Middle East run your shameful nation.

* Ignore the film The Day After Tomorrow - it was a pile of crap. Climate change won't happen literally over night, but it can happen within 100 years.

** I believe I'm correct in my understanding that Bush has authorized more executions in Texas than anyone else (in history?).

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"The young and asymetric of hair" - what a great classification of the youth of today ;)

Dinner Substitute

Is it wrong to be lying here in bed with a large mug of coffee (abeit decaff) by my side, and empty bowl of bombay mix next to that and 3 jaffa cakes gradually being consumed next to my laptop?

Fire Alram

5:17 and the fire alarm has gone off at work. I should evacuate the building without stopping to collect my things. But I though I'd just blog it and then piss off home.



Damn, my stigmata is back again.


I love . Not only do you get this beautiful dark material to spread into your garden which helps your flowers grow, but it does it all by itself. By adding veg at the top, comes out magically at the bottom - awesome!

What's more, I find that having a compost bucket makes throwing away stuff less painful. I'm always sad when a bannana or satsuama goes off in the fruit bowl. I feel I've let it down, not made the most of that fruit. But with a compost all is well as I know that that piece of fruit will eventually go to make my garden grow. Perfect.

Another nice feature is that composting is a little like art. By adding rare and exotic items to the bucket you're adding to the taperstry of the compost produced. Sure a leaf from a Tuscan sunflower you picked while on holiday might seem insignificant, but when your spreadding the compost over the garden next spring you can remember that leaf, and that holiday. It's like a gift that keeps on giving.

Our compost bucket in southampton full of lovely stuff :)

White & Nerdy

Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic from the album "Straight Outta Lynwood"

This is the music video I mentioned previously. Enjoy

White and Nerdy


YouTube currently isn't letting me sign up my blog so I can't link post this video, but follow the link as it's great fun :)

Back at Work

Back at work and bored allready. No, not really! But I'm not exactly thrilled to be back.

View from the Villa

This is the view we had from our villa in Crete. Of note are the rather impressive mountains in the center of the montage, though they look a little small by the panoramic aspect.

Back From Crete

I'm just back from Crete having had a really lovely time with fambly. The week improved with age and I was quite sad to leave. But we managed to sea and do a great deal as well as having some good rest and relaxation. I'll post a few more photos when I'm not so jet lagged.

A monestary near Harnia Airport.

The Homeless

Right, so this Shane Claiborne book 'The Irressistable Revolution' that I'm reading is good. Really good in fact. Actually it's turning out to be one of those books that shakes you up and make you think - shit, have I really been missing the point all along.

The crux of it is that Christian living has bollocks all to do with doctrine. We don't really find Jesus jetting around Jerusalem staying in hotels and preaching a set of rules for getting saved. Hell no! Jesus was a homeless radical dude, making friends with the homeless, the needy and the outcast. What he did radically was that he LOVED PEOPLE.

So what the hell are we up to in our safe churches, dressed all smart on a Sunday morning, singing our hyms or worship songs, getting feel-good sermons and then going home to a massive Sunday lunch in our many roomed house? Why are we not out there with the homeless, loving those who have so little and actually breaking down then barriers of poverty that separate use from those who need.

So here I am in Crete, in the tourist trap of Harnier where there are homeless ladies on the street. And there I am, not knowing how to relate to them. Not wanting to give money for all the times that I've been warned that that is futile. And not knowing how to communicate let alone love them. I know this is perhaps not the place I need to be actually getting to grips with this issue, we have enough homless and poor in the UK that I should break through to first, but I still feel that confused tugg of confused love trying to be expressed in a gentle, honnest and effective way.

The Anonnamous Mac Right Click

I've discovered that Mac does actually have a right click!!! I quickly learnt that there was a two-finger stroke on my MacBook Pro for scrolling vertically and horrizontally through windows. But I kept bringing up the ctrl-click menu by accident without pressing the ctrl key. On investigation this morning I found that I could make this happen by tapping three fingers sequentially and then realesing them together - 1-2-3-relase. Low and behold a right click :)


Terminator 4 Short Film

A lovely short film for you guys to watch. It's a shame about the laughter over the top but there are some great points in it. I think that the Terminator would fit in well with the other deciples as they never got him either.

The Stench of New Sealant

It must be student accommodation there's the smell of freshly applied sealant lingering in the air.

We've had the 'fixit' man come in and repaired the shower. The present sealing round the bottom of the shower was incredibly poorly done and is now black and moldy. The shower also leaks a bit so we wanted to get it repaired.

Unfortunately the repair man just came, sealant gun in hand, and pretty much just covered over the old stuff. Yay. Whimper

What gets me is that, done properly in the first place, there should be no problem. My parents house doesn't do the same thing. In fact, other than student houses and grotty dives, I've never seen showers go bad. But it's a student accommodation so no care is taken to get jobs done properly. The only way to really do it is to do it yourself.

Oh how I long for my own house...

What a Music Video

Some people have a vision for things that I can't begin to imagne.

Watch "SHERRY MICE!" on Google Video

This is a lovely little video from the end of the 80s. The last line of the broadcaster is a just brilliant!


Description: SHERRY MICE: 5.9.1986 Sherry, Spain's main export under threat by thousands of mice is now safe...by giving the mice regular drinks of sherry. Now the mice are too drunk to cause any damage!

Lillys in the Garden

The first of Mum's lillys that I planted in my rockery is now out

Shame I can't capture the smell for you too

We have all the time in the world...

Yet we still seem to rush everywhere. I'm particulary bad at this, allways attempting to squeze everything into the day. I need to step back occasionally and rest in the knowledge that resting is OK (I'm allways tempted to feel bad about this and try and do something to fill the time).

This evenings sermon was on this popular atitude towards time. Somehow being busy is a really good thing. The sermon was further complemented by Francois and I watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The following tag line sums up the whole evening:

Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Decking for Dummies

Ground Force stand aside, the Kitchener Community do decking 'Scavenger Style'

Step one: hunt around your local neighbourhood for people renovating their houses
Step two: ask permission to take their old used pallets (I've generally had good response, but failing this go back late at night and borrow them - they are rubbish after all [at least I think this is right])
Step three: lay the collected pallets where you think Ground Force would put some decking
Step four: stand back and admire your workmanship - decking for nothing, the best kind of decking.

Here is what we've done:

To the left

To the right

Close up of the new decking
(the bath will be sunk to ground level infront of the decking)

Blogging from the new decking

I am doing excellent gardening...