There is little I like better than getting out in the vast expanse of outside (preferable somewhere remote) with a map and compass and going for a walk. I love the challenge of the weather and survival; I get a thrill out of seeing nature and landscapes as they once were, untamed; and I love the sense of achievement following a successful day of navigating.

nick - the navigator - baileyI tried to take this shot to capture that sense of excitement from navigation while walking in Wales over New Year.

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Apple Feedback - iCal

Sure it's got nout to do with photography, but here's me latest Apple feedback regarding iCal. I only include it here as otherwise they steel your ideas. You see they claim that they "can't respond individually to your emails" [bollocks], which translates as, you send us suggestions which we can take and as there is no record of you ever having suggested them we can pretend they are ours. It's all very Ninteen Eighty-Four. I'm sad to say that I don't think Apple are actually the nice 'underdog' company I once thought them to be, I'm afraid they are just another selfish FO big multinationals along the same lines as Micro$oft. I only hope Google maintains it's "don't be evil" policy.

-- BEGIN --

In the next release please can you add the option in Preferences to choose whether or not all new iCal events automatically start with a reminder.

I know it's easy to set the alarm when adding an appointment, but typically I want this as default on so that I don't have to remember each time (and thus run the risk of forgetting that one time it's critical). You could also add options so change the default reminder time etc.

It would also be good to be able to change the settings individually for the different calendars. So in Birthdays I always want all birthdays to give me a 3 day warning, where as for home activities I might only need a default 10 minutes, while for regular weekend events I might need no reminding.

**Also you need to add a 'none' option in the "Do you use a paper based organiser?" and "Do you publish any of your calendar's?" questions below.

Furthermore, you have an error in the punctuation below. In the question "Do you publish and of your calendar's?" the apostrophe before the s in calendar's is incorrect. It should read: "Do you publish any of your calendars?".

-- END --

Check the above link to see if they actually do read these emails and have fixed the punctuation mistake.

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Coooking Night Conclusion

So it's coming up to 4 am. I got home from work and started preparation at about 8pm, making that 8 hours cooking. Hmm, a tad excessive one might think. Well I've got rice for 24 and stroganoff for 21 as well as a macaroni cheese that happened during the time it took to make a batch of rice. I was mostly slowed by the rice, as I can only do three cups at a time in my sturdy little rice cooker. Phew. I would go to bed, but then I'd wake some time in the afternoon, so instead I'll stay up a while longer and have a 2 hour kip to see me through tomorrow. Might try a spot of web development.

3 slabs of tofu, 1.5 kg of mushrooms, 5 peppers, 5 bulbs of garlic, 5 white + 7 red onions, half a tube of tomato puree, a bottle of red wine and plenty of time. I love cooking :o)

Cooking Night Begins Its Conclusion

The debris pile from all the onions and garlic that's been chopped.

Cooking Night Continues

I'm nearly 6 hours into this marathon cooking session. Sure a couple of hours were all in the preparation, and for one I mostly watched neighbours. But still, this is turning out to be quite an evening. It better taste good tomorrow.

The kitchen still in a messy state with batch 2 brewing on the hob.


Cooking Night

Welcome! You join me here on a cooking night. I'm set to prepare enough food to feed about 18 people at tomorrows Southampton Uni SCM meeting. We always prepare a veggie meal and tomorrow it's me. I'm cooking a vast vat (make that two) of tofu stroganoff and a mountain of rice. Here are some photos through my iSight webcam taken just before 12 pm. I've just about finished the first batch and am about to move onto the next if only I can find some way of storing the first. Hmmm... tricky.

Chef Nick - this is merely a small glass of wine to see what it tastes like.

Here is most of the available work surface filled with debris.

It's only a small kitchen, but I like to fully utilise it :)

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iPhoto Feedback with Added Insault

Gee, here's a ground breaking suggestion: what about adding a percentage option to the export function?

I've sent in enough suggestions for give up filling the information in the boxes below. One of these days you might actually think about your customers and actually respond. Or alternatively just steal my suggestions and pretend they were your own.

Yes, you might have picked up I'm disillusioned with iPhoto - I can't for the life of me understand how you qualify to be a part of Apple.

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Just For My Records

As Apple never respond to any feedback I send, nor do they copy the feedback form to my address I'll post it here for future records.

-- ---- --

In the next OS version you need to include something that provides the user with some feedback as to whether or not the battery calibration sequence has been performed correctly.

I've had my MBP a few months and have tried a number of times to calibrate the battery (not because I was getting erroneous readings, but just in case). I tried again last night, leaving it over night after the battery ran out and it went into hibernation. When I came down this morning the glowing led had gone out so I juiced her back up to full (green). When I then booted the screen came up initially greyed out with a progress bar. Could this be the calibration conformation?

Ideally I'd like to inform my MBP that I'm going to do a calibration run so that we are both prepared.

Nick Bailey

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