Britol to Bath Walk

Here are some photos taken on the walk from Bristol to Bath with my Brother and his girlfriend a couple of weekends back. 16 miles in total - a good long walk.

Most of the autumn leaves had fallen

Some swans that came for a little attention and bread

Chris and Chu on the riverside path

A fantastic 60's esq factory on the outskirts of Bath

Bath Cathedral maked the end of our journey

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New Forest Autumn with Mum

Mum came down to visit me yesterday which was simply lovely. Apart from spoiling me with lots of little gifts, we went for a walk and meal in the New Forest. We drove along Boldrewood Ornamental Drive which was simply stunning and went for a walk around one of the parking spots doing a little bit of arty photography.

Some beautiful colours, though not all turned yet

Lovely woody openings with leaf litter carpeting the ground

Mum walking through the leaf litter

Sunset came along and enhanced all the colours

As we climbed a bank the setting sun streaked through the trees

We both enjoyed capturing the pink sunset sky

And after all that we went to the Green Dragon pub for dinner.

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