Asking Google to go ISO Date

This was my most recent feedback to Google:

Please, please, please. Please, can you use ISO date format on your web site? Or at least allow dates to reflect local conditions.
Or at the very very least include the whole of the year: YYYY

Perhaps Americans can understand 4/11/19 as being m/dd/yy but for the rest of us it just looks confusing and took me a good few minutes to work out when this reply was posted.

Simply adding the whole year 4/11/2019 would help, and while DD-MM-YYYY is better & more obvious for UK users (being as it is: small-medium-large), YYYY-MM-DD is simply better all round; unambiguous, alphabetical, part of an ISO standard, and machine readable.

Please, move to ISO for your dates.
Pretty please...

Thank you.
Nick Bailey

PS. Please also remember not to be evil.