Blackberry Fermenting Progress

Here are the first two batches of blackberry wine. It seems that the blackberries are out super early this year which is really exciting to see. In fact after putting the little guy to bed one night this week I was able to get out for an hours picking still in the light. It was a lovely refreshing experience, reminded me of the freedom of my Soton days. I've handled these two batches differently, on the right is my usual bread yeast, while on the right I'm trying a natural wild yeast ferment which I created by essentially making a blackberry starter - mushed blackberries and waited for it to fizz. It seems there is some visual difference between the two ferments, with the wild jar having more lees appearing in the base where as the bread yeast seems somewhat clearer. Sadly, despite my best attempts, I yet again failed to not have an explosion - the bread yeast popped over night leaving a pool of wasted juice on the counter this morning. Thankfully I didn't loose much and also didn't paint the ceiling like I did last year.

Fermenting Blackberry Wine. © Nick Bailey