Climate Change Report

I'm just listening to the press conference for the Stern Report. Excellent. The UK does indeed still rock and I really hope we will lead the way in climate change. I also hope that Gordon Brown gets into leadership nice and quickly as, after hearing him speak, I am well behind him. He really cares about this stuff and is on the ball as to what is happening. He also cares about the world and about the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Make Poverty History has also been celebrated during the conference - our voices were heard, nice one! :) We need to keep up the fight to make it history as we did the slave trade nearly 200 years ago (thought note that we didn't rid the world of slavery per say). We also need to increase our fight on climate change, killing off our love affair with fossil fuels and embracing changes that, while might seem like hardships, will secure the very foundation of our world for the future. That might sound over dramatic, but with the potential for dramatic climate change to occur over the period of just one century* this is no longer a joke.

Finally there was a good deal of support for America, in part that is. The North Eastern states and California are actually adopting their own Kyoto protocols and making action to combat climate change. FANTASTIC! But lets take a closer look at those states... oh yes, they are Democratic states (except California, which is democratic in all but colour). And what are the Republicans doing? F-all.

Wake up Bush. Get your executioner-raw-hide** arse out of the Whitehouse and let someone with vision beyond the thick back gold of the Middle East run your shameful nation.

* Ignore the film The Day After Tomorrow - it was a pile of crap. Climate change won't happen literally over night, but it can happen within 100 years.

** I believe I'm correct in my understanding that Bush has authorized more executions in Texas than anyone else (in history?).

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"The young and asymetric of hair" - what a great classification of the youth of today ;)

Dinner Substitute

Is it wrong to be lying here in bed with a large mug of coffee (abeit decaff) by my side, and empty bowl of bombay mix next to that and 3 jaffa cakes gradually being consumed next to my laptop?

Fire Alram

5:17 and the fire alarm has gone off at work. I should evacuate the building without stopping to collect my things. But I though I'd just blog it and then piss off home.



Damn, my stigmata is back again.


I love . Not only do you get this beautiful dark material to spread into your garden which helps your flowers grow, but it does it all by itself. By adding veg at the top, comes out magically at the bottom - awesome!

What's more, I find that having a compost bucket makes throwing away stuff less painful. I'm always sad when a bannana or satsuama goes off in the fruit bowl. I feel I've let it down, not made the most of that fruit. But with a compost all is well as I know that that piece of fruit will eventually go to make my garden grow. Perfect.

Another nice feature is that composting is a little like art. By adding rare and exotic items to the bucket you're adding to the taperstry of the compost produced. Sure a leaf from a Tuscan sunflower you picked while on holiday might seem insignificant, but when your spreadding the compost over the garden next spring you can remember that leaf, and that holiday. It's like a gift that keeps on giving.

Our compost bucket in southampton full of lovely stuff :)

White & Nerdy

Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic from the album "Straight Outta Lynwood"

This is the music video I mentioned previously. Enjoy

White and Nerdy

YouTube currently isn't letting me sign up my blog so I can't link post this video, but follow the link as it's great fun :)

Back at Work

Back at work and bored allready. No, not really! But I'm not exactly thrilled to be back.

View from the Villa

This is the view we had from our villa in Crete. Of note are the rather impressive mountains in the center of the montage, though they look a little small by the panoramic aspect.